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Follow Galathea 3 on Google Earth
Kronborg Castle and Oresund
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Galathea 3 databank

The satellite images are collected in a databank specifically developed for Galathea 3. Scientists at DTU Space in collaboration with EDUSPACE have constructed the databank that contains not only the satellite images but also online observations from the Galathea 3 during the expedition. The online data include observation of sea temperature, phytoplankton, air temperature and wind.

This means that one databank has been established with all the basic parameters collected and the data are open for the schools. Three gateways to the databank are established at DTU Space

Google Earth shows the new images. In Google Earth the starting map is the globe. The chosen satellite image/s are shown on the world map and it is possible to plot the Galathea 3 route and the actual position. It is possible to zoom in a chosen location. Info on installation of Google Earth and on the satellite images. Google Earth
Java contains all satellite images and you select by date in the archive. In Java the chosen images is selected and it is possible to plot the route of Galathea 3 and the observed parameters from the ship as well as coastline, ocean depth, etc. Info on the use of Java (in Danish). In Java pupils as an example can view an image of the sea surface temperature from AATSR jointly with the temperature observations from sea and air along the route. Java
The database contains several satellite images per region. From Java og Database it is possible to download image for direct use in education. Database
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