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Kronborg Castle and Oresund
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Kronborg Castle and Oresund

Weekly image: Week 17, 2007
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During the last day of the Galathea expedition Vædderen passed Kronborg Castle placed on the easternmost point in Ellsinore. The castle is situated at the narrowest point of the Oresund and has played an important role in the history of Denmark and Sweden. Read about the history of Kronborg Castle and Oresund here:

Technical information

The image is from Landsat ETM and it was recorded on the 8th of May 2000. For the multispectral bands the original size of the pixels is 28.5 meter and for the panchromatic band it is 14.25 meter. The image has been pan-sharpened using the panchromatic high resolution data to sharpen the multispectral information. In this way it has been possible to detect the moat around the castle. The images has been processed by GRAS for Satellite Eye for Galathea 3. If you have and installation of Google Earth (download here: on your computer you can zoom to Kronborg Castle (search for: Kronborg Castle, Denmark) and see higher resolution airborne imagery of the castle.

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